How much coffee for a cup of coffee

When you start drinking coffee one of the things that’s going to keep you scratching your head is how much coffee is needed for the optimal strength of coffee. I get asked quite a lot this question, so I thought why not do a short text on what I think the best amount of coffee would be when brewing a pot.

How much coffee is needed for a cup of coffee

The most correct answer to the question above is, it depends. I like to drink strong coffees. That is the reason why I usually put around 2 tablespoons of coffee for a standard cup of coffee.

You could be putting a bit more than that, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Not just because coffee would then be extremely bitter, but also because of health reasons. Drinking more than 5 cups of very strong coffee per day could cause problems with blood pressure.

Official rule is that you should be putting around 6-7 table spoons of coffee on 20 fluid ounces of water. Like I already mentioned, tastes differ, and you might be interested in coffee that’s weaker or stronger. How much coffee do you use, more than two tablespoons? Leave a comment down below and tell me. Cheers.