Hi, my name is Peter Long, welcome to my website. I am a huge fan of coffee which is a good thing since I work in a coffee shop. Originally I’m from San Francisco, but I found my way to New York, fell in love with the city and stayed. On this website I would like to talk about coffee, duh, and share with the world tips, ideas and tutorials on how to make an amazing cup of coffee. I’ll try to use experience from my job to help people improve their coffee drinking experiance. You know there’s nothing better than fresh cup of coffe after hours and hours of off road skateboarding on your brand new electric skateboard.

Do you really know coffee?

I don’t have any kind of degrees in coffeeology, if that’s what you’re looking for. What I do have is around 10 years of experience making coffee in coffee shops in and around of New York.

I’ve experimented with lots of different coffee bean types, coffee brands, recipes, brewing techniques, equipment, you name it. What I learned is that there is no such thing as a coffee mix that’s going to be perfect for everyone. Each person is different, has different tastes. It is impossible to create a universal coffee blend that’s going to be accepted by everyone. Some people like their coffee sweet, with lots of sugar, others plain, with just milk or no milk at all. What we can do then is talk about best coffee mix for a particular use case, best sweet coffee, spiced coffee, etc.

Okay, okay, you like coffee, get a life

Now you’re thinking that I’m some kind of weirdo that devoted his entire life to studying the mysteries of coffee. Even though I do probably enjoy coffee more than others, I do have other interests.

One of my other interests is creating websites. To be honest, I’m nowhere near to being able to build an entire website on my own. A friend of mine helped me setup this blog. Currently I’m participating in a web developer course on Udemy. Hopefully by the end of the course I’ll be a bit more comfortable when it comes to setting up a websites on my own. Naturally I’m a huge tech nerd, so I play on my Android phone, and I tweak my desktop for maximum performance on a regular basis (RIP wallet). I try to keep fit by exercising and being active in the gym. Lately my move for tech spilled into my outdoor activities since I developed an interest in all things electric, bikes, scooters and would you belive it that there is also an electric skateboard below $500.

Here’s a review of an electric bike that I’ve been having my eye on for the longest time. It’s pretty cool don’t you think.

What kind of coffee related topics will you talk about

I don’t really have any clearly defined goals with this website. Whatever pops into my head I’m going to write about. Covering easy to digest topics like basic coffee blends, coffee pros/cons and interesting coffee facts is what I’m going to be focusing on at first. After that I’ll switch to more advanced topics relating to coffee.

What kind of advanced topics you might be wondering. Well it can be anything from in-depth coffeemaker reviews to sharing with the world some of the more crazy coffee blends that I cook up at home. I’m always experimenting with new coffee flavors. Sometimes they end up OK, with delicious new blends. Other times I end up with a coffee blend that makes you wanna call the police and have me arrested. Coffee shop reviews and suggestions for the New York area also more than likely to be covered.

From time to time I might wander into posts about life, philosophy, current events, etc. This will happen rarely, don’t worry, I’ll try to keep the topics that I write about mostly about coffee. Uh, one more thing, sometimes a tech related topic might also sneak past me, sorry about that.

Who should be reading this website?

My website is aimed at everyone who likes coffee. As I already mentioned when I talked about what I’m going to write about, I’ll start with topics suited for beginner coffee drinkers and move my way up to more complex ones. That way everyone can follow along.

If you are not interested in brewing your own coffee, then read my coffee shop reviews. They will mostly cover shops located in the N.Y.C area. Sometimes when I’m traveling I might even cover coffee shops on an international level. Last month I visited Vienna, right before Christmas time. There I had the opportunity to drink some of the finest coffee ever.

Closing words

We all have that little something that interests us, I’m no different. It’s just that the thing that interests me is coffee. I’m sure that you have hobbies of your own and I’d like to read about them. If you have a website, drop me a link and I’ll check it out.

Here’s a picture of my dog Kevin. He’s a great distraction during the cold and gloomy New York days. Anyway, I would just like to say thank you for visiting my website. Hopefully you’ll be able to find something useful. Make sure to leave a comment so that I know you were here. Also if you have any kind of questions, don’t hesitate to post them either as a comment on one of my posts or by contacting me directly using the contact page. Cheers and I hope to see you again.